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Dry Hopping

Dry Hopping

Have you ever wondered how Sober Carpenter beers were made? How it goes down behind the brewery’s wall? We are offering you a behind the scenes access to the production of our non-alcoholic beers. You will have the opportunity to visit our brewery, learn about the fermentation process of our beers and meet the master brewers behind your favorite beers.

In this week’s episode, lets dive into the concept of dry hopping.
Dry hopping is a technique used in beer making where hops are added to the beer during the fermentation or conditioning process. This is done after the initial boil and before the beer is bottled. Unlike traditional hop additions which are added to the boiling wort, dry hopping involves adding hops to the beer in a secondary vessel, such as a fermenter or a conditioning tank.
The hops used in dry hopping are typically whole leaf or pelletized hops, and are added in relatively large quantities to impart a strong hop aroma and flavor to the beer. The process is called "dry hopping" because the hops are added to the beer when there is no more boiling happening, and they remain in the beer without agitation or boiling, hence being "dry" compared to boiling the hops in the wort.
Dry hopping is used to enhance the hop aroma and flavor of the beer, while minimizing the bitterness that can be imparted by hops added during the boil. This makes it a popular technique for brewing hop-forward styles of beer, such as IPAs and pale ales.
The length of time that hops are left in contact with the beer during dry hopping can vary, depending on the desired intensity of the hop flavor and aroma. Generally, hops are left in contact with the beer for several days to a week before they are removed, and the beer is then package.
Double Dry Hopped (DDH) beers have been dry hopped twice during the fermentation process. Because the liquid is no longer hot, bitter oils are not extracted. By increasing the complex aromas, our experience of the beer's flavour is enhanced. We used this technique while brewing our latest limited edition beer, our DDH Hazy IPA.
This concludes our fourth video. In the following weeks, we will be showcasing the next steps in the production of our non-alcoholic beers. Subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to discover our new videos and follow us on Instagram for more exclusive content!
See you next time👋
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